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 Get Host Ip address

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PostSubject: Get Host Ip address   Get Host Ip address Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 10:12 pm

28200EE0 00000100
C0000000 0000000F
9421FFB0 BDC10008
3DE0814E 39EF2F88
824F0000 3A52FFFF
3A00FFFF 8E320001
3A100001 2C110000
4082FFF4 2C100008
40820038 3E602468
3A736F73 3E80745F
3A944950 7E509050
7EB244AA 7C159800
40820018 7C16A000
40820010 3EE08019
62F7B800 92EF0000
B9C10008 38210050
4E800020 00000000
E0000000 80008000
C0000000 00000009
9421FFB0 BDC10008
3DE08020 39EF0EE0
A20F0000 3A204000
3A314000 7C108800
40820014 3E40814E
3A522F88 82720010
92720000 B9C10008
38210050 4E800020
60000000 00000000


1) Get on a match.
2) Go to the compose message screen.
3) Type '$host_IP' on it (obviously without the quotation marks).
4) Press Done (1).
5) Press 2 to reveal the host's IP Address.
6) Once you're finished executing this command, stop it by pressing HOME, otherwise your game will crash when trying to compose a legit text message.
~ credit to PETERPANh4x @ Zeatnolt.com

Okay now after that you should have the info of the person.

Okay now that you have their IP you may now go to here.
Its self explanatory on what to do.
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Get Host Ip address
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