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 How to make a Ram Dump code with HxD

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How to make a Ram Dump code with HxD Empty
PostSubject: How to make a Ram Dump code with HxD   How to make a Ram Dump code with HxD Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 12:01 am

Ok first thing you will need is HxD which i will put a link to at end of this. Then you will need a ram dump i will also put a link to
and drag the ram dump into HxD and open a notepad (to edit code) then you press CRTL and F then set the search to all and text string, to search for a dvar to make a code into,for example on a black ops ram dump you can search cg_thirdperson, then what you will do when you find the dvar you will now press CTRL and E to see offset, copy the start adress and press CTRL and F again but this time put it to hex values and all and search the start offset..then afte you search it and find one you will press CTRL and e then copy that offset.. when you copy the offset you will get one like this 14C2F21 instead of the 1 in the begining you will take that number off and turn it into this 054C2F21 then what you will do after to add a activator you will do this 28200FA0 00008000 this is a working code
28200FA0 00008000
                                                                                                                054C2F21 01000000
                                                                                                                E0000000 80008000
                                                                                                                28200FA0 00008000
                                                                                                                054C2F21 00000000
                                                                                                                E0000000 80008000
but remember test them before you release and only 1 out of 10 codes you make will work
here are the links : mediafire.com ?2vohysmepxwwx1j
mediafire.com yy16nh9bbyd6czu
mediafire.com dqnd8fhkshz19b5

make whatever code you want Very Happy but remember this is dvar codes only!! so dont think you can make an account hopping code
now that you have learned how to make dvar codes do not post on codeleakers or give to anyone not on this website or clan...if i see someone post a code on codeleakers your computer will be crashed and your internet will be shutdown!!!YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
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How to make a Ram Dump code with HxD
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