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 [SC7E52]777ATRIIX Menu v7

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[SC7E52]777ATRIIX Menu v7 Empty
PostSubject: [SC7E52]777ATRIIX Menu v7   [SC7E52]777ATRIIX Menu v7 Icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2012 9:34 am

mediafire.com ?32n1rr2bcthvgd8

What It Has:
Flyable Plane
Disco Fog Playing As Soon As You Enter The Menu
Valkyrie Rocket
Nade Training
Skittles Favorite Gun
Attack Helicopter In Killstreaks
Legit Stats Look Legit 11th Prestige
Menu On Left Side
Menu Text Is Glowing
The Team Pictures Are Deathmachine And Grim Reaper
Flashing Text On Side Of Screen
Flashing Text At Top
Roll The Dice V4
Humans Vs Aliens v1.5
Ghost Vs Humans V2
And Hide N Seek Edit

What I Added:
Flyable Plane
Disco Fog At Start
Hide N Seek Edit
Humans Vs Aliens

What I Took Out:
The Spawn Combat Training Ppl
Chopper Gunner Since It Didnt Work
One Of The 5 Gametypes Now I Only Have 4 So It Won't Freeze

Nity For The Base
Cheesetoast For Ghost Vs Humans
JellyInjector for Roll The Dice V4 And The Valkyrie Rocket And Hide N Seek Port
Azumikkel For Creating Hide N Seek
Pwnzer For Nade Training
G-Rey For The Team Icons
Runts For Giving Ideas What To Add
Soda For The Hide N Seek Edit And Telling Me How To Get Disco Fog Playing At Start
MorderVonJuden For Humans Vs Aliens
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[SC7E52]777ATRIIX Menu v7
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