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 How to get a Black Ops ISO

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How to get a Black Ops ISO Empty
PostSubject: How to get a Black Ops ISO   How to get a Black Ops ISO Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2012 9:05 pm

I will show you how to get a Black Ops ISO step by step By Torrent

1.Download the Black Ops Torrent http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/5945759/Call_Of_Duty_Black_OPS%5BWii%5D%5BNTSC%5D%5BScrubbed%5D-TLS It will take a while for it to download

2.Once the Torrent is Finished downloading you want to get another program called Wii backup Manager http://filetrip.net/wii-downloads/other-files/download-wii-backup-manager-045-build-78-f26812.html

3.Once you have everything you need downloaded you can open up Wii Backup Manager this program will convert it into a ISO file

4.Once the program is opened up you will click add and then files and then highlight all of the Black Ops Torrent files there will be 90 or so diffrent files highlight all of them and select them

5.After you've opened all it there will be a white box by the Black Ops name check mark the box

6.After the box is check marked you click on Transfer and then ISO and your going to want to save it somewhere were you wont forget where you saved it i Suggest you save it on your desktop.

7.Know it is converting it into a iso file when its done the ISO will be saved onto your desktop and you can follow my other tutorials on how to mod it and add it.

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How to get a Black Ops ISO
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