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 How to use Trucha Signer

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How to use Trucha Signer Empty
PostSubject: How to use Trucha Signer   How to use Trucha Signer Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2012 8:35 pm

Trucha Signer is a program that lets you mod your iso to get mod menu's and such on games i will tell you step by step on how to use the program.

1.First you have to download it mediafire.com ?m2ho2mxxzk2

2.Open that up in WinRar and open wiikeyset continue with all of its steps what the wiikeyset does is readys the program to be used with your computer.

3.Open the program Trucha Signer it self

4.Select Keyset and then Custom KeySet 1

5.Click on Image then Open ISO (If you dont already have a Black Ops ISO i will post a tutorial on how to get it) Select your Black Ops ISO

6.Once you have opened the ISO you will click the + Beside DISC(SC7E52)

7.Click on the + On Partition

8. Click on the + on ROOT

9.Scroll down until you see common_level_temp_mp.ff

10.Right click common_level_temp_mp.ff and click replace

11.replace that with the mod menu

12.scroll back up and click the - beside ROOT and the - beside Partition

13.Right click Partition and Trucha Sign it

14.Once you have trucha signed it you can go to image and then close ISO
Know you have modded your Black Ops game look for the next tutorial on how to add it to your usb
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How to use Trucha Signer
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